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STANS Tyre Sealant Tubeless Kit XC 29ER


    • The Stans Tyre Sealant Tubeless Kit XC is designed for cyclist riding 29er’s
    • It allows you to convert your non-tubeless tyres and rims to tubeless
    • By doing the conversion, the cyclist can ride with less pressure in their tyres and have better traction and feel as well almost eliminating punctures
    • 2 Molded Rim Strips with Integrated Valve
    • 12 oz/60ml Red Scoop
    • 16 oz/473ml Stan’s Tire Sealant
    • 1 Roll of Universal Kit Tape
    • Detailed installation instructions
    • NoTubes Decal
R1,150.00 Regular Price
R977.00Sale Price